'I want him hung from a tree': Bird shop owners unhappy with string of burglaries

HOUSTON – The owners of three exotic pet shops in the Houston area believe the same man is responsible for several break-ins over the past few weeks, costing them tens of thousands of dollars.

In the latest theft, a man scaled the 12-foot fence at S&S Exotic Pets, broke open the front door and stole a Princess of Wales parakeet.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I mean, we work very hard. This is our living,” owner Suzette Stidom said.

Someone broke into Adventures in Birds twice in three weeks, taking off with a total of 12 exotic birds. The owner’s dog escaped during the first theft and was hit and killed by a car.

Someone broke into ABC Birds and stole two exotic birds.

In every case, surveillance cameras captured a heavy-set man carrying a crow bar, driving a dark-colored pickup truck.

Rewards have been offered in the Adventures in Birds and ABC Birds thefts: ;$2,200 and $1,200, respectively.

“Everything I’ve worked for is being ripped out from under me and stolen,” said Jean Jordan, who opened Adventures in Birds in 1980. “It’s just not fair, and I’m very upset about it, and I want him caught, and I want him hung from a tree.”

The pet shops have added security, and one of the owners will now sleep at her business with her handgun.


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The owners of three exotic pet shops in Greater Houston, and police, are looking for this man. They blame him for...

Posted by KPRC2 Jacob Rascon on Wednesday, October 3, 2018


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