'I forgive you:' Mother of drive-by shooting victim addresses killer in emotional conference

HOUSTON – Emotions were high during a news conference Thursday about a deadly drive-by shooting that happened about 7 a.m. Sept. 23.

Ahead of the conference, police released surveillance video of an SUV being sought in connection with the shooting.

Houston police said Kenneth Roberson, 24, was driving on Long Drive when he was shot several times by someone in a vehicle that was passing him.

The video showed Roberson’s car stop and then slowly roll into a median on Long Drive, where paramedics found him dead.

Police described the vehicle being sought as a dark-colored, late-model Jeep Renegade with a roof rack.

VIDEO: Surveillance footage of vehicle

Roberson's mother stepped up to the podium after police spoke to plead for help in finding the person who gunned down her son while he was taking a friend to work.

Yvonne Ferguson was hysterical at times as she spoke about her son’s death, breaking down in tears on several occasions, asking simply, “why?”

“What did he do? What did he do to make it so bad to take his life,” Ferguson shouted, directly addressing Roberson’s killer. “You have taken his body, you have taken his life but you have not taken his energy away from me. Satan is busy. Satan is busy, but the love I have can’t nobody touch.”

Ferguson spoke about how her son was a good man and he is in a “better place” now.

“I forgive you because I have a pure heart,” Ferguson said about the person who killed her son. “Once again, I forgive you. You may not have a conscience … but God will reveal it. It may take 20 to 40 years, I don’t know, but it’s going to come out. May God bless you.”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.

VIDEO: Mother pleads for justice in emotionally charged news conference

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