Neighborhood on alert after coyote kills family pet, corners homeowner

It was a gruesome discovery for Richard Hedrick, who found his cat horribly killed on the side of the road near Garner Mill Lane and Blackhawk Boulevard. 

“It was terrible he was ripped open and his intestines were strung out 4 or 5 feet,” Hedrick said.

He said on Thursday morning his 4-year-old cat was attacked by a coyote outside his home. The cat tried to escape multiple times into a tree but was overpowered by the coyote. 

“I have been here 15 years, and I have never seen a coyote,” Hedrick said. 

The recent sighting is scaring Hedrick, who said the coyote was pushed into his neighborhood as a result of the construction of new homes nearby. The same day the coyote attacked his cat, Hedrick said another neighbor was confronted by the coyote. He's now hoping sharing his story could help alert the community.

“It’s worrying my neighbors and me that we are going to get attacked,” Hedrick said.