4 Super Bowl rings, cash stolen from Cowboys scout in Houston, officials say

A mugshot of Andreius Wynn-Farley from Sept. 25, 2018.
A mugshot of Andreius Wynn-Farley from Sept. 25, 2018.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 23-year-old man is accused of stealing four Super Bowl rings and $3,500 in cash, among other items, from the rental car of a Dallas Cowboys scout who was in Houston earlier this month.

According to court documents, Andreius Wynn-Farley is accused of breaking into Lionel Vital Jr.'s rental car and stealing a backpack while Vital was meeting a friend for lunch at Pappadeaux's on Sept. 11 around 11 a.m. Wynn-Farley is charged with theft.

When Vital returned to his rental car after lunch, he found his vehicle had been broken into and a backpack was stolen, according to court documents. Four Super Bowl rings, $3,500 in cash, a MacBook Pro Laptop and a Samsung flip phone were inside the backpack, officials said, with a total value of about $205,300.

Vital is currently an NFL scout for the Dallas Cowboys and a former professional football player for the Washington Redskins. He was a rookie on the team that won the Super Bowl in 1987. He has also scouted for the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns.

Surveillance video was recovered from the restaurant and Wynn-Farley's truck was identified, according to court records.

Authorities traced the truck to another burglary at a Lupe Tortilla on Sept. 10, the day before Vital's rental car was burglarized.

While reviewing the surveillance footage from both break-ins, authorities identified Wynn-Farley and took him into custody on Sept. 25. He also had two open warrants from the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office, according to officials.

Wynn-Farley admitted to the Lupe Tortilla break-in but denied having anything to do with the break-in of Vital's rental car, even though the same truck was used in both crimes, according to court documents.

Authorities searched Wynn-Farley's phone, and four pictures of Super Bowl rings were found in his photo library, according to court documents.