Stafford residents save kitten trapped in storm drain for days

STAFFORD, Texas – In Stafford, there's a victory for neighbors who had been worried about a kitten over the last few days.

Several people reported hearing the kitty's cries for help, but nobody was able to pinpoint where she was.

"Could not find the source, and then a neighbor told me the cat is in the drain," Katharine Rivera said.

The cat was located in a storm drain near the corner of James and Louise streets in the Vacarro Manor subdivision but could not be coaxed out.

The city of Stafford responded quickly with both an animal control officer and public works crews.

VIDEO: Kitten rescued from sewer drain

Those crews made use of a tool, impressively fashioned by a neighbor, to gently nudge the scaredy-cat out of the storm drain line.

After about 90 minutes, the ordeal came to a successful end.

An elated onlooker, Emily, adopted the kitty, a calico, on the spot, and named her "Louise James" after the intersection.