Dozens of students suffer allergic reaction at Tomball school's corn maze, officials say

TOMBALL, Texas – Dozens of students at suffered an allergic reaction from a corn maze in Tomball, officials said.

Rosehill Fire Department officials said 20 children from Salem Lutheran School came in contact with an unknown substance in the corn maze. Officials said the unknown substance that was either sprayed or put on the crop caused itching, hives and rashes in several students.

One student was taken to Tomball Regional Hospital.

"They started taking our blood pressure. And saying that you should rub instead of itch. And then all the people had to take showers," one student said.

Officials said other students are waiting for a school bus to pick them up and take them to Tomball Regional Hospital for evaluation and observation.

The Tomball Corn Maze posted a statement on its website that read in part: "Parents were alerted of the incident immediately and faculty and staff responded as trained in this unforeseen circumstance. At this time, all students are with their parents and have been released by paramedics. Only one student was transported to the hospital and should be released soon."

Officials said the school grows the maze every year for Halloween. The students at the maze ranged in grade level from elementary to eighth grade.

Harris County hazmat officials are investigating the scene.

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