While some fans still support the Texans, others critical of team performance and coach


HOUSTON – There has been a mix of critiques and optimism coming from Houston Texans fans following the team's loss to the Giants over the weekend. 

On Sunday, you saw the look of frustration on the fans' faces and, on Monday, they displayed their disdain loud and clear.

“I don’t see any adjustments being made. I was just plain embarrassed," said one person who called in on "The Sean Salisbury Show" on SportsTalk 790.

The 22-27 loss against the Giants created some Monday morning quarterbacks. A check of the Houston Texans page on Wikipedia showed a slight change, in which the team is called a "factory of sadness in Houston.”

“There are those who will be critical, especially with the success the city has seen," said Billy Hawkins, a professor with the Department of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston.

Hawkins said that, despite the 0-3 start to the season, the team is still very much a winning franchise.

“It's a sports city and we have die-hard fans and I think they are not fair weather, where one or two losses or (a) losing season will turn them away. I think, for the most part, they will be in it. There is a connection and they are going to support it financially,” Hawkins said. 

Plenty of fans are still holding out hope. Superfan Joe Texan said that the season isn’t lost; it's only just begun. 

“I still bleed red and blue. It’s a great thing to be a Texan fan. You got to take the losses with the wins,” he said.

The Texans will be on the road Sunday in Indianapolis. 

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