Different way to buy, sell homes popping up in Houston

HOUSTON – A Dallas-based company is hoping to make its mark in the Houston area with a different way to buy and sell homes.

Door.com claims it can save buyers and sellers thousands of dollars depending on the price of the home.

The company says it charges a flat fee no matter what the price of the house instead of the traditional 6 percent commission split between the buyer's and seller's agents.

Take, for example, if you want to sell your home for $300,000.

A traditional agent's typical commission is 3 percent. That's $9,000.
Door.com charges a flat $5,000, so the seller saves $4,000.

Paul French, with Door.com, tells KRPC that since coming to Houston in March, his company has completed 37 transactions split down the middle between homebuyers and sellers.

"Our average client transaction is a $342,000 home, and our clients in Houston have saved an average of $5,500 versus the traditional real estate model," French said.

We've created a map that shows the ZIP codes where Door.com reports its transactions in Houston.