Trash collector accused of dumping liquid waste, garbage in front of home

HOUSTON – Instead of picking up the trash, a trash collector was caught on camera trashing William Patterson’s driveway in Clear Lake.

“I can smell the stench, and it smelled like (a) sewer,” said Patterson.

Patterson believes his driveway has been trashed because he made a complaint against the trash collector for leaving some trash behind. On Patterson’s surveillance camera, the employee is seen leaving some trash behind on the ground.

VIDEO: Trash collector dumping liquid on ground in front of home

“He didn't dump my trash, so I still have a half-can of trash,” said Patterson.

Two weeks later, Patterson was met with a smelly mess as he came home.

“I got 16 cameras around the house, so immediately I go to my camera, and sure enough, I see him. My trash man is back,” said Patterson.

This time, Patterson said the man returned with a vengeance. He was caught spilling liquid waste for a few seconds before leaving.

Patterson has complained to the city of Houston after the second incident but says he has yet to hear back. We’ve reached out for comment from the city and have yet to hear back.