Police search for man accused of violent hair salon robbery

HOUSTON – What should have been a routine trip to the hair salon turned into a nightmare for some workers and customers at Diana's Hair Salon on Beechnut Street last month.

They ended up being targeted by an armed robber, and it was caught on camera.

At one point in the video, the robber can be seen dragging an employee to the cash register.

Tony Cruz couldn't believe the violent robbery happened at the hair salon right next to his own store.

VIDEO: Beechnut hair salon robbery surveillance video

"It's scary. Really, I'm shocked, man. I can't imagine myself going through that or my crew that works with me," Cruz said.

Security camera video shows the robber at the door of the salon pulling out a pistol.

He props a chair against the door and tells everyone to get on the ground. People slide their valuables, like phones and wallets, to him. He then picks up one of the hairdressers by her shirt and drags her over to the register. He appears to clean out the register before walking out the door and taking off on a bicycle.

Police said they hope someone recognizes the man.

Cruz said he's going to visit the business next door and offer his support.

"Let them know if they need anything, they can come knock on my door," he said.