Naked man washing car upsets neighbors


STUART, Fla. – Photos taken by a neighbor in a Florida neighborhood have people complaining to law enforcement.

The photos show a man bent over, winding up his gardening hose while in the nude.

"He'll be out there working on his car, open his garage door up and be standing working on his car, old Camaro," said neighbor Charlie Estes.

Neighbors also said the man does yard work while he's naked as well.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office has received plenty of complaints and said it's completely legal as long as the person is not inappropriately touching himself or leaving the property.

There are some families who are coming to the nudist's defense.

"They have that much respect that they aren't taking it off their property, so I figure they can do whatever they want to do on their land,"  said neighbor Aimee Canterbury.