Little boy in need of a heart transplant sets up a hospital lemonade stand


SEATTLE – A room on the sixth floor of Seattle Children's Hospital has been all Corbin Fisher has known for nine of the past 12 months.

He passes the days playing board games with his grandma and little sister, Charlotte, as they wait for the call to come.

"This is his world," said Mallory Fisher, Corbin's mom. "We live here."

The call they're waiting for is for a heart that will be transplanted into Corbin's little body.

Mallory found out when she was just four months pregnant that Corbin had congenital heart disease. He had his first heart surgery at only eight days old and has undergone more than 30 procedures in his five years of life.

Without a transplant, Corbin's outlook is grim.

"He might have a year or two," Mallory said wiping away tears. "It's very hard."

That's why this summer Mallory decided her beloved boy would live as "normal" of a life as possible, even if it's from his hospital room.