2-year-old boy diagnosed with rare brain cancer celebrates Christmas early, family says


CINCINNATI, Ohio – A 2-year-old is getting an early Christmas after a devastating diagnosis.

Brody Allen was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and was not responding to treatment.

Doctors told the family five weeks ago that Brody would have just two months to live.

So the family decided to hold Christmas early, so Brody could get just one more.

The family reached out to neighbors asking for help and then turned to social media.

And the Christmas spirit in everyone came out.

The neighborhood pitched in to turn their street into a winter wonderland.

Letters of support, cards and lots of gifts for Brody came in.

"Inside there's a bucket full of mail and we got all that this morning. The mailman used to never come down our street,” said Brody’s sister, McKenzie Allen. “He comes down our street now with his truck because he can't carry all the mail in his hands."

Additional fundraisers have been held to help make more memories for Brody.