The Carters were in town and put on a phenomenal show that lasted nearly three hours


HOUSTON – Opening act, DJ Khaled brought out local favorites including rappers Bun B., Paul Wall and Scarface of local rap pioneers, the Geto Boys. 

The show was peppered with a cinematic portrayal of the two being “On The Run” again. One graphic simply states, “The Gangster and the Queen.” And just like that, the Carters -- Beyonce and Jay Z -- hit the stage, dressed in all white, holding hands and began with “Holy Grail.”

“Queen Bey” was home, and she proved no matter how many stages she’s ripped and rocked around the world, she’s still just Bey, unapologetically Third Ward, unapologetically Houston.

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Within a matter of minutes of being on the stage, Beyonce quickly fell into “The Southside” dance, undoubtedly as an homage to being home.

The show was a high-energy dance of the titans as the two performed some of their biggest hits, including “Drunk In Love,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” “Flawless,” “Big Pimping” and “Nice” from their new album, "The Carters."

The pace was non-stop as these two music superstars and partners in life not only shared their music, but also a part of their world that up until recently, they held very private—their personal lives.

On Jay-Z’s “Song Cry,” a song about a man who cheats and gets upset when his woman finally leaves him, he added a verse to talk about the infidelity in his marriage. It was retrospective and apologetic -- a man who realizes he could have lost it all but was given another chance.

For as much as people have wondered and speculated about the status of their marriage, the elevator incident, who was “Becky with the good hair,” in On the Run II they let you know. During what was an incredibly heart-wrenching performance of “Resentment,” Beyonce shows why she is the queen. She’s lived and loved through it.

This show was about more than the music, wardrobe changes and dances. This show was an example that love can truly conquer all. They made it through, and still get to make good music to tell about it.

The Carters hit the stage again tonight at NRG. For ticket information, click here.