2 arrested, accused of stealing packages from porches in Houston neighborhoods

HOUSTON – After numerous package thefts in the Garden Oaks, Shepherd Park and Heights area, deputies arrested two people they believe are connected with the crimes.

On Wednesday, Harris County Constable Precinct 1 deputies arrested Tarrell Trayham, 24, and Stephanie Jones, 25, after authorities responded to a suspicious vehicle in the 800 block of West 41st Street.

When deputies pulled them over, they found packages in their vehicle.

“They did confess to stealing these packages, so they may have been circulating the area for a while,” said Constable Alan Rosen.

He said no matter the value of the package, if it was stolen, they want to know about it.

“We’re trying to see if there are any additional cases out there that we may be able to tie them to,” said Rosen.

VIDEO: Surveillance video of man stealing multiple packages from front porches

He said they have surveillance video but are looking for more to see if the two are part of a bigger operation.

“I’ve heard of this happening in the neighborhood, but I’ve never actually been a victim until recently,” said Martha Rac, who had a package stolen from her porch the day after Labor Day.

“I actually had the day off and I was running various errands, and I had noticed that there was a package on the porch sitting on one of our rocking chairs,” said Rac, who is a doctor.

She said she went to pick up her daughter from day care and was gone for about 45 minutes, and when she came back, it was gone.

“I checked my Ring app and sure enough, it was snapped off the porch,” said Rac.

The video shows a man in a blue car pull up into her driveway, get out of the driver's side, run to her porch and then swipe the package.

“Ran up here, grabbed it and left, probably 10 seconds at the most,” said Rac. “It’s disappointing and a little frustrating.”

Video from another home in a different part of Garden Oaks showed the same tactics. The person backed into the driveway, jumped out and snatched the package.

The suspect got away with a red dress and shampoo and, at Rac’s house, some blazers.

“I’m sure they were disappointed when they opened the package up,” chuckled Rac.

Authorities said no matter what the item is, if someone steals it from your home, report it.

“It’s probably a good idea to call us and let us know,” said Rosen. “Even the smallest of value of items, again we’re trying to find out if this is a much larger problem, this will help us establish that.”

Rosen said surveillance cameras at the doorbells are helping them.

"Sometimes it's the only evidence we have to go on and they're very effective, and we're hoping more people get these type of apps and cameras systems on their houses and things like that,” said Rosen.