Restaurant burglars get away with safe containing $40, T-shirt, manager says

HOUSTON – The break-in started in bizarre fashion: A pair of crooks seen crawling across the dining room floor.

"They were very strategic in the way that they came through, slithered on the floor, kind of went around the whole restaurant. Saw what... was there," Gareth Phillips, the general manager of Tads, said.

Phillips said after the thieves broke in through a small window, they sneakily made their way through the business.

"These guys were definitely professional. They knew exactly what they were doing. They came in and brought their tools and were ready for anything," Phillips said.

Among the items they were seen packing: A sledgehammer, a pry bar, flashlights and more.

Their apparent target was a nearly 300-pound safe, so heavy the crooks had to resort to pushing it on the ground before finally getting it out.

Despite the disappointment of the business being burglarized, what the thieves got away with was probably not as upsetting.

WATCH: Surveillance video of safe being stolen from restaurant

"They made off with a little lunch money and a souvenir," Phillips said.

The total take for these thieves was probably not what they were banking on. Inside the safe they struggled to get out of the restaurant was just a couple of dollars and something to remember the restaurant by.

"They got away with $40 and a T-shirt. I'm sure they were a tad bit disappointed when they spent all day trying to get into that safe," Phillips said.

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