Teens, preteens linked to series of crimes in east Houston neighborhoods

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Police have connected a group of kids, ages 11 to 15, to a series of home burglaries, robberies and vandalism, Channel 2 Investigates has learned.

"We believe these juveniles, although they're young, they're pretty hard-core in what they're doing," Houston Police Department Detective Greg Shelton said.

Police have identified some of the children but have not yet formally charged them with the crimes.

The crimes are happening on Houston's Eastside, primarily in the Songwood subdivision and Herman Brown Park.

"They vandalized the entire house. They went through everything in my entire house," burglary victim Arleen Cruz said.

Cruz is among a half-dozen home burglary victims in the area over the last month.

Shelton said some of the suspects are not juveniles, including Kevin Ramirez, 18, whom Shelton called a person of interest in some of the crimes.

Another person, caught on surveillance video, is unidentified and believed to be 17 or 18 years old, according to Shelton.

If you have information about Ramirez's whereabouts or can identify the person seen on the surveillance video, contact Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS.