2 Santa Fe HS students removed from campus after sending threatening messages, officials say

SANTA FE, Texas – Two students were removed from campus after they sent threatening text messages to Santa Fe High School students on Wednesday, according to officials.

The messages said they wanted to "kill" and were directed at a specific group of students, officials said.

The Galveston County District Attorney’s Office declined to seek criminal charges.

Earlier this week, Stacy David, whose son attends Santa Fe High School, received a phone call from a student who confided in her after receiving one of the threatening messages.

"She was afraid and scared about these students making these threats and she wasn't not the only one that heard it," David said.

David, who created the Santa Fe Tribe Mom aimed helping the community overcome the Santa Fe shooting tragedy, told the student to immediately notify school officials.

A statement from the district read, in part:

"This was an isolated incident; however, due to the events our school community has experienced this past year, the district remains committed to continuous communication regarding any incidents that involve student security."