Who did the best eye roll? James Harden or Alex Bregman


HOUSTON – Sometimes athletes aren't crazy about the questions asked by sports reporters, and there are classic moments in Houston where this is never more evident from two prominent professional sports figures.

Most recently was Astros infielder Alex Bregman, who was asked a question by a sports reporter. Bregman appeared to be turned off by the question and gave her a look that combined the stink eye with a little eye rolling. And he just walked away. His look is being called "a James Harden."



The humor of this moment reminds sports fans of a popular GIF created three years ago when something similar happened to Houston Rockets player James Harden when he didn't like a question posed by a reporter.



Harden was asked in 2015 if he had found his rhythm.

Houston sports fans are enjoying the similar responses and mannerisms.