Liberty County Precinct 1 constable accused of harassing ex-fiancee

Justin Johnston

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas – The Liberty County Precinct 1 constable is accused of harassing his ex-fiancee over a period of several months.

Justin Johnston, 41, is charged with harassment, which is a Class B misdemeanor.

Court documents stated Johnston sent numerous emails to his ex-fiancee just days after she gave him back her engagement ring and told him not to contact her anymore.

One of the emails had a revealing photograph of the victim, according to court documents.

The affidavit stated the ex-fiancee said their relationship ended in April and that the next month she returned the engagement ring Johnston gave to her. She told investigators she asked for no more communication and that Johnston agreed.

Less than two weeks after their meeting, the woman said Johnston emailed her 14 times in a two-hour period. One of the emails featured a map with the text, "I'm 39 minutes from you," according to court documents.

The woman said she blocked Johnston's phone number.

A few days later, court documents stated Johnston sent the woman a revealing photo of her and wrote in an email, "Answer the phone or respond to an email... Please."

According to the affidavit, the woman said Johnston used several different phone numbers and iCloud email accounts to try to get around her blocking him.

Court documents show Johnston also sent three audio messages via email in which he "discusses his actions and stated he understands he could go to jail for harassment and hopes she doesn't press charges because his career as Constable would be over. The (woman) also stated (Johnston) admitted to the use of the fake numbers."

The woman in early June sent Johnston an email telling him she did not want to be contacted by him. She claimed Johnston sent emails and voice messages to her over the next 10 days.

Johnston then contacted the woman's ex-husband via Facebook, according to the affidavit, writing to him, "I know we never met but we should talk sometime," and "I just spend 2.5 years with your ex wife. I grew to Love your kids. If I were you, I'd want to know about some stuff going on over there."

The woman said she felt threatened.

Johnston was interviewed by investigators two days later and the affidavit said he admitted to communication with his ex-fiancee, and the communication stopped for about two months.

Then the woman told investigators that Johnston viewed her profile on a social media site 79 times in one day in August, and sent 81 emails and numerous text and voice messages over the course of several weeks, the affidavit stated.

The woman said Johnston wrote in one of the emails, "This makes me long for you... I'll never quit!"

At one point, the woman said she noticed Johnston was tracking her and knew her location. 

The emails and text messages continued through Labor Day weekend, court documents show.

Johnston was arrested on Thursday afternoon. His bond was set at $1,500.