'Keep praying': Family of missing siblings holds on to hope as search underway in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas – The search for two missing siblings continues in Galveston, where one sibling's car was found burning on the beach. 

The family and more than a dozen volunteers on all-terrain vehicles searched a five-mile radius from where the burned car was found Thursday. Despite days of not getting any answers, the family is not giving up.

"You still hold on, and it's what gives you strength for the next day," said Kenny Escobar, the son of Rogelio Escobar, the 65-year-old man who vanished on Aug. 26.

For Kenny Escobar, this day is about more than just searching.

"We'll find anything -- the truth -- at least as to what happened to them, to put this to peace in the past and just hope that everything turns out right," Kenny Escobar said.

Houston police said Rogelio Escobar, a southwest Houston man, was last seen on his way to the corner store on the morning of Aug. 26, but Rogelio Escobar never returned. After two days, on the night of Aug. 28, Rogelio's sister, Dina Escobar, went looking for her brother, according to relatives. But after setting out to find Rogelio, her family said, she never returned.

On Wednesday, in Galveston, near 11 Mile Road and County Road 3005, Texas Equusearch led another day's search near where Dina Escobar's car was found.

"Our resources today are ATVs because of the rain that came on Sunday and Monday," said Jack Boggess, Texas EquuSearch search coordinator.

Thirteen volunteers on ATVs searched for miles, looking for any clues or for Dina and Rogelio Escobar.



"We really need all the help that we can get. Any tip helps," said Walter Salamanca, Dina Escobar's son.

Every hour that she is missing takes a toll on Salamanca. Nonetheless, he and his cousins show up to help search every day.

"If it was one of us, she would be out here looking for us. If you're a mom or anything you would know, or to lose a mom. It's the worst feeling in the world," Salamanca said.

Kenny Escobar still has a sliver of hope that they're out there.

"Trying to get to the truth. You know, you always hold on to that hope," Kenny Escobar said. "The other day I was driving by Chimney Rock (Road), and I saw someone that seriously has to be my dad. It's just one of those things you always hang on to. So I busted around, and he had almost the same skin color, haircut, everything. Unfortunately, we're still here."

There have been nearly 100 EquuSearch volunteers so far who have helped in the search for Dina and Rogelio Escobar. They want the family members to know they're not alone.

"We're just trying to help them out, to give them some closure," Boggess said. "That's what our volunteers think about every day."

Walter is asking anyone who has seen anything or knows anything about the circumstances to call Houston Police or Crimestoppers.

"God does miracles, so keep praying. Any help that we can get would be greatly appreciated," Walter Salamanca said.