JJ Watt seems to be everywhere, even giving interviews to kid reporters


HOUSTON – JJ Watt, the defensive end for the Houston Texans is making the rounds in front of the microphone with kid reporters or gracing the front cover of a magazine.

The video is featured on the Houston Texans Twitter page, and shows Watts in the middle of two young boys, while all three are sitting on red chairs and holding microphones. 

Watts starts off asking the boys if either of them have a girlfriend, but one of the young interviewers responds that he’ll talk about that later.

Watts is then peppered with questions including: What are you scared of? And do you make your brothers call you Man of the Year?

Watts joked around and responded: “They’ve been calling me that their whole lives.”



At times Watts appeared to be asking the kid reporters questions about themselves to keep the interview flowing.

Meanwhile, Watts is also in front of the cameras again, but this time he's posing shirtless in dark-colored shorts on the cover of Men's Health Magazine. The image was shared on the magazine's Twitter page.


The magazine mentions these covers of football players are regional.