Video: Father runs for his life after being held at gunpoint during attempted robbery

HOUSTON – An attempted robbery was caught on camera after a victim was held at gunpoint on his driveway near Highway 59 and Little York Road.

Jasmine Fuentes and Marisol Diaz told Channel 2 that it is difficult to watch the surveillance video that showed their father run for his life.

“It is just heartbreaking because what if I would have lost my dad that day?" Fuentes said.

Diaz said that her father was in the driveway having coffee with a neighbor at 9 a.m. Labor Day when a gold Honda Accord pulled up. She said that the passenger got out of the car, asked her father for directions, then demanded cash and their phones.

“That’s when they pointed the gun and said give me your wallet and money,” Diaz said.

The women said their father ran to the front gate of the home and attempted to slam the suspect's arm away from the gate. Diaz said she was inside of her, which is next door to her parents' home when she heard the suspects yelling. 

“The guy yelled, ‘Take off, let’s go, let’s go,'” Diaz said.

The car drove away and neither of the two victims was injured.

Houston Police said that a report was filed following the incident. At this point, the suspect has not been identified. The vehicle is described as a gold Honda Accord with paper tags.

Family members said they hope someone will come forward with information and report it to the police.

“I just hope that they get caught," Fuentes said.

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