'Ur condo is ugly': Riverside residents find townhomes' fence vandalized

HOUSTON – In the Riverside neighborhood, residents on North Calumet and Live Oak streets woke up to a hurtful message just outside her home.

"When I first saw the graffiti, I was shocked, then uncomfortable and then hurt," said resident Estelle Mack, who bought her townhome on North Calumet 14 years ago. 

The uniquely styled townhomes in Riverside were everything that Mack wanted.

"We purposely bought here. We love the Calumet lofts lifestyle as far as the Galvalume, the architecture and the open concepts of the lofts," Mack said. "The other homes have a different type of architecture, but this is America where you have places like New York City where you have St. Patrick's Cathedral next to a skyscraper." 

However, Tuesday morning, Mack and her neighbors woke up to find the words, "UR CONDO IS UGLY" spray-painted on her community's fence.

"You try not to take it personally, but you do," Mack said. "I take pride in it, and we work hard on a daily basis just to live here.

Mack called Houston police.

However, a couple streets down on Blodgett Street near Emancipation, other neighbors found more spray-painted graffiti.

The words, "F*** U Colonizer" were seen spray-painted on the sidewalk outside similarly styled townhomes within walking distance from Mack's home. Homeowners said they were confused.

"If someone bought a really nice home around here, and it was very pretty -- they built it nice and they bought it -- why would you do that? It makes no sense to me," said townhome owner Julian Pham.

Pham said he and other homeowners plan to get together to remove the graffiti. They said while this doesn't deter them from living in the area, they hope the culprit gets caught.

"My home was built around four years ago, so this is home for me. I'm not leaving," Pham said.

"As a community, we can all live together," Mack said. 

Houston Police said they are investigating.

Anyone who knows anything about this incident is asked to call Houston Police or Crimestoppers at 713-222-8477.