A mosaic masterpiece of a house for sale in Houston is attracting a lot of attention

Mosaic house for sale in Houston. Photo credit: Kevin Bailey courtesy of Amy Lynch Kolflat.

HOUSTON – It looks like a common house from the outside, but once inside, the interior is all artwork.

The three-bedroom house for sale at 4006 Timber Falls Court is available online at har.com and it is attracting a lot of attention.

Realtor Amy Lynch Kolflat is fielding a huge amount of interest.

"Some are artists and others are art appreciators," Kolflat said.

While she is keeping the owner anonymous for now, she will tell us it's a woman who has been at this house since 1999, and it's all the owner's own artwork.

Kolflat describes the home as packed full of pop culture, picking up on a hacienda theme with its own tiki bar. And there are animal themes throughout including amphibians, horses, dogs and pink flamingos.

The designs were comprised mostly of many tiles the owner bought and just put together.

Kolflat said the house is nestled in a gated community and stays within the guidelines of the local homeowners' association.

She expects to sell this vibrant house very soon.