Despite post-Harvey setbacks, life for this Ponderosa Forest family is returning to normal

HOUSTON – A year after Hurricane Harvey, a family in the Ponderosa Forest neighborhood of northwest Harris County is finally getting their lives back together.

“There was almost 5 feet in our house," Yvette Dunbar said on Aug. 28, 2017, as they were forced to evacuate their home. "We barely made it out. I’m just so grateful they came."

As the waters continued to rise, the family grabbed what they could and left.

“It’s like a river back there," said Yvette Dunbar's husband, Argustic. "You can’t walk through it. You’ll die."

A month later, with their home gutted and debris piled in the front yard, the family was forced to live on their second floor.

“I bought a couple (of) tables from Walmart and made a makeshift kitchen downstairs," Argustic Dunbar said.

Then in January, they had a major setback. A contractor took $7,000 from them and disappeared. After a KPRC2 story, the contractor started paying them back.

“We just got everything up, what two or three months ago," Yvette Dunbar said. "Yes. It’s been a slow process."

Now, life is finally getting back to normal and their house feels and looks like a home with new walls, paint and cabinets.

“Now after the storm, we get to add our own little touches to it,” Argustic Dunbar said.

Still, they kept the watermark on their garage as a reminder of what they’ve been through and what they’ve overcome together.

“God has blessed us because I didn’t see this day coming,” Yvette Dunbar said.

It’s still very tough. Argustic Dunbar said that every time it rains, he can’t sleep, knowing what could happen.

The Dunbars said they have flood insurance now, and that they're better prepared in the event of another storm.

“It tested our marriage and it tested our faith, but we became stronger,” Argustic Dunbar said.

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