Toddler tests positive for measles in Houston after traveling abroad, health officials say

HOUSTON – A boy between the ages of 1 and 3 years old has tested positive for measles in Houston after recently traveling out of the country, health officials confirmed.

The Houston Health Department said they have a suspected case of measles and that the boy is being treated at the Texas Children's Hospital.

Health officials said measles is eradicated from the U.S. but advise parents to check with their children's doctor for needed vaccinations before international travel. 

The Texas Children's Hospital - West Campus released the following statement:

"A patient treated at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus tested positive for measles. This is a highly-contagious, vaccine-preventable infection. We know vaccination is the best protection against measles.

"We work closely with public health entities to continuously monitor highly-contagious diseases in our local, national and international communities. Our Infection Control and Prevention team immediately identified other children who may have come in contact with this patient to assess their risk and provide clinical recommendations. We have contacted all of those families.

"Texas Children’s Hospital’s highest priority is the health and safety of those we serve. We will continue to keep our patients, their families, our staff and the community at-large informed to the fullest extent possible, while also respecting the privacy rights of our patients."

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