How strangers helped a stranded Houston Methodist chaplain during Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON – On his way home during Hurricane Harvey, Houston Methodist chaplain Montes Estinphil’s car flooded and stranded him. 

He spent the night at a stranger's home after he realized he could not get home to his family. The next morning. Estinphil said he walked through flooded streets to get back to Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, walking and hitchhiking nearly 10 miles in the rain. 

He said once he got close to the hospital, another stranger picked him up and drove him to the door.

Once there, he immediately relieved the on-call chaplain and stayed in the hospital for two more nights, offering support to patients and staff.

He is not considered critical staff and it was not necessary for him to be at work, but Estinphil believes he was guided back to work by God.