Where the city is allowing repairs after Harvey

HOUSTON – The first year after Hurricane Harvey has been a roller-coaster for homeowners hard-hit by the storm’s devastating power.

Just ask John Sorrentino.

“My wife gets nervous when there's any sort of puddle in the street because of the devastation that happened here,” he said.

Fixing a home damaged by floodwaters is a step-by-step process.

First: having to gauge how much damage they sustained.

Second: finding a contractor to make repairs.

Third: getting the permits necessary to get the repair job done.

For some, the steps go in an orderly process. Other have run into roadblocks, such as having a contractor that ran off with the funds to fix their homes.

Margo Alexy wanted to repair her home, but found she’s among those who discovered they can’t because their property sits in a place where building is no longer allowed.

“I came by the house to pick up some mail and there was a red tag on the door from the city,” Alexy said.

We pulled the locations of all the home repair permits relating to Harvey in Houston and Galveston to make interactive maps. Each map lets you see where rebuilding and repairs are underway.

You can zoom in on the maps to find your neighborhood and which houses on which streets have permits for repairs.

Houston map of permits for Hurricane Harvey repairs

Galveston map of permits for Hurricane Harvey repairs

Not every home in our area was damaged during Hurricane Harvey, but the storm left many worried they might not be so lucky next time.

To help determine your risk, we’ve also included a link to FEMA’s floodplain map. Plug in your address and it will let you know whether your property sits inside or outside of a floodplain’s boundaries.

Click here to find your home in relation to the floodplain.