Spencer Solves It: Furniture donated for single mother's apartment damaged during Harvey

HOUSTON – It’s early in the morning and 48-year-old Shannen Brown is starting it the way she starts every day, taking a whole list of expensive prescription drugs to deal with diabetes and excruciating nerve pain.

“I have to take Mylantis two times a day and the Novalog I take three times a day. I want to cry every time I have to stick myself with these needles,” she said.

Brown suffers from a host of serious health issues, including Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and nerve damage.

Brown says she battles the pain every day.

“It’s like the pain is deep down in my bones and I can’t get to it, can’t get rid of it,” she said.

But Brown’s deepest, most devastating pain came one year ago when Hurricane Harvey’s massive flood waters came crashing in, destroying almost everything she owned.

Suddenly, the single mother who is raising two sons, including 15-year-old Vincent, who is autistic, was left with virtually nothing but a nearly empty apartment.

She plays down her loss, but Brown has been forced to sleep on a mattress lying on the bare floor for close to a year now.

“That bed is horrible. I am in constant pain, have trouble getting out of it. Constantly aching because of it,” she said.

Left with little but her clothes and her nearly empty apartment, that is when Brown’s son, Marcel, wrote to Spencer Solves It, asking us to get his mom some furniture and a real bed on which to sleep.

I contacted the great people at Ashley Furniture.

Now, the folks at Ashley are bringing Brown an entire houseful of brand new, gorgeous furniture to make her apartment a real home.

We are talking about new, high-end mattresses, two new beds for Brown and her son Vincent, a new kitchen dinette, a beautiful white couch and matching padded chairs, and much more.

“We are delighted to be giving Ms. Brown a whole new houseful of designer furniture to make her apartment a beautiful home where she can relax and raise her family,” said Michael Gomez, regional director for Ashley Furniture.

Altogether this is more than $9,000 worth of Ashley furniture, but this is not all Ashley is donating.

Michael Gomez also gave Shannen Brown a gift card worth an additional $1,500 so Brown can buy accessories for her new furniture.

No longer forced to sleep on an old, beat-up mattress on the floor, Brown said she feels like she is dreaming.

“Is this really all for me? I feel like any moment I will wake up and find myself in my old, empty apartment. Thank you so much. I never expected to be blessed like this, nothing like this,” Brown said, while trying to keep from crying.

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