Woman claims she was fondled by Texas prison guard

HOUSTON – A Texas prison guard has resigned after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her while she was visiting her fiance, who is an inmate.

The woman claims she captured the assault on camera.

Organizers of Wednesday's news conference said they want to know why the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison guard accused of sexually assaulting a woman hasn't been indicted. They also released video of one of those alleged incidents they said happened in October of last year.

According to community activist Quanell X and Sylvia Hidalgo, the woman accusing that prison guard, the incident took place as she was visiting her fiance at the Jasper unit.

Hidalgo said the guard reached into the car and fondled her. And it wasn't the first time according to her.

She said when it happened the first time, a month prior, she was in disbelief, which is why she had her cell phone camera positioned the way that it was in case it happened again.

WATCH the cell phone video

The woman also claimed the guard even threatened her fiance's safety if she said anything.

"No indication that he gave me, that I allowed him to do that. I wasn't dressed provocatively of any type. I didn't give him any signs for him to do that to me. And when I left, I was just in total shock," Hidalgo said.

"This is a bad, bad case that needs to be quickly prosecuted and TDCJ needs to send a message that there's zero tolerance for this kinds of behavior by their employees," Quanell X said.

A TDCJ spokesperson said the case has been turned over to the Office of Inspector General and that the guard in question has resigned.

The woman's fiance was released Wednesday and that's part of the reason she's speaking up now.

Quanell X also said he's convinced there could be other people who have faced a similar situation and he is asking them to come forward.

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