'High school beef' turned drive-by leaves woman injured, deputies say

HOUSTON – A "high school beef" seems to be the motivation behind a drive-by shooting Wednesday that injured a woman who was sleeping at a northwest Harris County home, deputies said.

The shooting was reported about 4:15 a.m. at a home on Grand Haven Drive near Wexford Park Drive.

Harris County deputies said the 33-year-old woman, two other adults and five children were inside the home at the time of the shooting.

Investigators said witnesses reported seeing a dark-colored SUV driving by the home with weapons pointed out of a window.

"It's like, when you first wake up, you're just confused like, 'What’s going on,'” the victim’s son-in-law Devin Hughes said.

Hughes was asleep in another room with his girlfriend and 8-month-old daughter.

"I just heard two (gunshots). I didn’t even know it was all these shots. I just heard two. I smelled the gun smoke. I guess that’s the bullet that hit my door," Hughes said.

A bullet grazed 34-year-old Cynthia Mitchell in the chest as she was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom with her husband.

"Her adrenaline was running, so it’s running so fast she didn’t know (she's) hit already until she saw the blood on her," Hughes said.

This is the second time the home has been shot up since March, deputies said.

Hughes said after the first shooting, the gunmen bragged about it on social media. He said the violence needs to stop.

"(We were) just straight fighting. This right here though, I didn’t think it was gonna get to this," he said.

No other injuries were reported.

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