Conroe woman recognized for selflessness during Hurricane Harvey

Cami Ford and a group of friends making hygene packs during Hurricane Harvey.
Cami Ford and a group of friends making hygene packs during Hurricane Harvey. (KPRC2)

HOUSTON – When Andrea Cash thinks of a Harvey hero, she thinks of her friend Cami Ford.

“Through everything she was going through, she had no problem jumping up and saying we have to do something,” said Andrea Cash of Conroe.

As the storm rolled in and the waters rose in Conroe, there were tornado warnings.

“I just hunkered down and hung out in the bathroom for a few days with all five kids,” Ford said.

One of her children, her daughter Brinly, had just faced her own challenges. She had finished chemo treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma.

“Usually, I would throw up every night, but that stopped after a while,” said Brinly Ford.

Cami Ford had her hands full. Still, she wanted to help storm victims so she enlisted some friends and posted on social media.

“Hey, I'm going to the store tomorrow morning to get stuff, if you want to participate please either get stuff or I'll take donations,” she wrote.

Ford and a group of friends put together 50 hygiene kits at her home.

“We had soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes,” Ford said.

By the next day, the amount of volunteers and supplies that Ford and her friends gathered filled a room at her Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

“We made 470 hygiene kits that day,” Ford said.

Those kits were donated to neighbors in need, but Ford and her friends did not stop there.

“We said you know what? People are starting to clean up. Let's put together buckets, cleaning buckets,” said Ford.

Fifteen thousand dollars in donations came in from family and friends near and far. Dwindling supplies in stores nearby meant going as far as College Station to get supplies.

“That evening we made 470 more buckets and this is where ... we had shovels and gloves and masks and bleach,” said Ford.

Those buckets were also delivered to hard-hit neighborhoods like River Plantation.

After so much help from friends and family during Brinley's treatment, Ford felt the need to give back.

“We want to help other people where we can too,” said Ford.

“I just feel I have a great mom,” said Brinly.

For her effort that started in her home and grew to help hundreds of people, Andrea Cash asked that Cami Ford be recognized as one of KPRC’s Harvey Heroes.

“I'm really thankful for her and I think she deserves to be honored,” said Cash.