#Support4Taylen: Mother starts movement for daughter after dog attack left her scarred


HOUSTON – A mother from Fort Bend County has started a movement for her daughter after a dog attack left her scarred.

Siera Sims said her daughter had to spend what was supposed to be her birthday party in a hospital after she was attacked by a family member's dog, a German shepherd mix, on Friday.


Sims said her daughter turned 4 years old Aug. 14, so they went to the family member's home Friday to plan her birthday party for that Saturday, but things took an ugly turn. Sims said she was holding the dog when it suddenly attacked Taylen.

"It was blood everywhere. I went into shock because we've known the dog since it was a puppy. I couldn't stop screaming," Sims said. "I almost passed out."

She said her daughter was frightened but more concerned about her mother in the midst of the commotion. Taylen was rushed to a Texas Children's Hospital in Katy, where she received 18 stitches on her head -- 16 on her forehead and two on her scalp, Sims said.

Taylen Daniels receiving treatment at Texans Children's Hospital in Katy where she received 18 stitches.
Taylen Daniels receiving treatment at Texans Children's Hospital in Katy where she received 18 stitches.

Taylen's birthday party was canceled after she had to stay at the hospital overnight, Sims said.

"They had to put her to sleep to put the stitches in her head. It was a very traumatic experience," Sims said.

On Sunday, Sims wanted to go to church with Taylen but her daughter told her she didn't feel beautiful enough to go.

"Mommy, I look like a monster. I don't want to go to church," Taylen said. "I look like Frankenstein."

So Sims grabbed a Sharpie marker and made a scar on her forehead to match her daughter's scar. She said Taylen was all smiles. Sims posted the story to Facebook, and friends and family members drew scars on their foreheads in support of Taylen and posted pictures of themselves.

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"When she saw the other people's photos, she said she felt great and it brightened up her day," Sims said. "Taylen said it's a fashion trend to her."

Taylen will start kindergarten on Thursday, and Sims said she would love for more people to send her photos or use #Support4Taylen to give Taylen the biggest confidence boost possible before she goes to school.

Yesterday Taylen told me she looked like a monster. She didn’t look pretty so when we were going to church I did what...

Posted by Siera Sims on Sunday, August 19, 2018

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