Couple finds library card from 1929

Couple finds library card found from 1929
Couple finds library card found from 1929

DENVER – Matt and Cassie Childers have been renovating their home since the day they bought it.

"The last thing we were going to do is replace some of these door casings," said Matt Childers. 

While taking off casings, Matt Childers said he found the library card, but didn't know what it was, so he passed it to Cassie Childers who looked a little closer.

"I realized it said 'The Public Library of the City of Denver," she said.

The old library card explains that the penalty for keeping a book past its due date is $0.02 per day, but according to Matt Childers, "I think the total bill racked up to be about $700 in 1929 dollars. When you calculate for inflation, it comes out to $9,700 or something."

The couple jokingly said they would pay off the library fees, but they have since politely rescinded their offer. 

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