What people are saying about doctor sentenced to probation after raping patient

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HOUSTON – When a doctor was sentenced to probation -- for rape -- the story sparked national and international attention.

Why all the interest? 

"Because the facts that drove this case and the jury's decision are both unique and egregious," said Brian Wice, Channel 2's legal analyst. 

Wice said the sentencing is unique because of the man convicted for committing the crime. 

Shafeeq Sheikh, 46, was found guilty of sexually assaulting a patient at Ben Taub Hospital in 2013 while she was heavily sedated and receiving treatment for an asthma attack, according to court documents. DNA evidence linked Sheikh to the case. 

The jury sentenced Sheikh to 10 years of probation.

Sheikh testified he didn't rape the woman, claiming the two had consensual sex. 

There's outrage over the jury's decision to sentence him to probation

Even Houston's chief of police weighed in by turning to Twitter over the weekend when he stated this is beyond troubling. 

"The jury spent 15 hours deliberating before finding him guilty," Wice said.

Sheikh's attorney Stanley Schneider said going after the jury's decision is unbecoming and unfair. 

"I was disappointed. Juries should be respected. They don't do things in a vacuum. They do things based on their experience and what they heard. This jury heard tons of evidence," Schneider said.

Victims Advocates said more needs to be done to underscore the violence associated with sexual assault. 

"Rape is often looked at as sex, that somehow it's a sexual act and that's one of the biggest myths surrounding sexual assault," said Sonia Corrales, with the Houston Area Women's Center.

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