Texas A&M announces program to help sex assault victims report crimes against students, athletes

HOUSTON – The Texas A&M president and several faculty members gathered to announce what they call a more streamlined process of helping sexual assault victims report crimes.

Also tougher sanctions on student-athletes and students who are found guilty of these crimes.

The biggest change is that students who are facing sex assault allegations will no longer be able to participate in athletics or extracurricular activities during the investigation.

Officials hope this new process will continue to continue to help students report their assaults and understand what resources are available to them on campus.

The school president said they will hire four more positions to help with sexual assault such as investigators, coordinators, case managers in the next few months.

There will also be much tougher sanctions.

If a student-athlete is found guilty of sexual assault, that person will get a minimum of one-year suspension that could lead to expulsion.

Students and student-athletes who have committed sexual assaults will have it marked on their transcripts.

If that student wishes to transfer to another school, it will be on his or her permanent record.

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