Community gathers for prayer vigil as Santa Fe HS students prepare for first day of school

SANTA FE, Texas – Students from Santa Fe High School prepare to head back to class for a new school year after the deadly mass shooting in May.

Parents said they know the school has taken a lot of safety measures since the tragedy, but despite all these efforts, going back to school Monday is still making many of them nervous.

"What we were doing today is that we were just getting together loving on one another hugging on one another supporting one another and praying over our school today," said Stacy David, part of the community prayer vigil outside Santa Fe High School a day before the new school year begins.

David said she was one of the lucky ones -- her son Clayton ran during the shooting and hid behind an automotive shop. 

On May 18, the tragic Santa Fe shooting claimed the lives of 10 people. David said she knew a lot of them.

"My girlfriend's child was murdered in our school, and that's very difficult for me. And my son's teacher and mentor ... was also taken from us too, so I have a lot of hurt and pain," David said.

Just like many parents at the vigil, she is nervous about the first day of school. David is hoping Sunday's prayers will bring peace and protection come Monday morning.

“We are in this together, and we are going to get through this. It’s not going to be easy. It's a big mountain to accomplish,” David said.