Post Oak Little League team enjoys rest day before taking on Mid Atlanta Little League World

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – A Houston Little League team is living out its dream in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

The day before the Southwest team takes on the Mid Atlantic, they got a chance to experience what makes the home of the Little League World Series so special. 

The heart of the city of Williamsport is focused on the diamond.

“For this period of time it is just the perfect place to be, it really is," said Shannon Michaelis, mother to Post Oak player Justin Michaelis. “This has, ironically, been a nice way to catch our breath, even though it has been busy and intense.’

One thousand five hundred miles from Houston, the team and its supporters said the atmosphere is even better than they imagined. 

“It’s been awesome just to hang out and talk and share everything that I have been doing at the Grove," said team member Cade West.

The assistant manager of Liberty Arena and native of Williamsport, Adam Scheibler, said that history of baseball permeates throughout the community. He said these two weeks are special to the locals as well.

“It obviously gets a little crazy, people in from all over the place. Traffic patterns are a little different the downtown is more crowded but overall its great its a huge boost to the local economy,” he said.

For the 13 players on the team, Williamsport is the city of dreams. The team is now preparing to take on the Mid Atlantic team on Sunday at 10 a.m.

“We just have fun and be ourselves," said catcher Andy Guy. “We are going to win if we (are) ourselves.”

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