Post Oak Little League spends time off with family after opening LLWS win

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – There was an ease in the air during Post Oak Little League batting practice.

“It’s always so much better, getting up after a win and not a loss," said assistant coach John Klosek. “Last night was getting our feet wet in Williamsport.”

The 3-1 win over Rhode Island also earned the team a bit of breather during their off day.

“It's really fun knowing that we won and we don't have to focus and practice, like, harder today and we can chill today and take a break,” player Andy Guy said.

Player Kade West said he was looking forward to some downtime.

“I’m so excited but kind of ready to get some rest,” Kade said.

After a quick one-hour practice, Klosek said the only thing on the lineup for the team right now is family time.

“These are wonderful boys, but I think it's important for them to have some bonding time with family and a little bit of (a) normal schedule," he said.

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