Fans, celebrities pay tribute to Aretha Franklin in Detroit

DETROIT – Since the news of Aretha Franklin’s death, it’s been raining for two days, a reflection of how fans of the Queen of Soul are feeling.

“It rained here today and I felt like it was tears,” explained Linda Jones, a fan of Franklin.

All across downtown Detroit, there were tributes to the “Daughter of Detroit.”

Outside the iconic Fox Theatre, there was a picture of Franklin. Next to it reads, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T Forever our Queen.”

"We're going to miss her because she gave back to the community, she loved her community and she was a grassroots star,” Jones said.

There are pieces of Franklin across the city.

She has a street named after her. 

Inside the Charles Wright Museum of African American History, there’s a wall dedicated to those who have impacted the music world, including Franklin. 

At the Motown Museum, fans wrote their goodbyes while the sweet sounds of Franklin's voice played in the background.

"Her music touched me throughout the years, loved her,” Johnie McDowell said.

While Franklin never signed to Motown Records, there's respect for the woman whose soulful voice and personality inspired so many.

"Aretha was loved and I followed her all the way when I was young in elementary school to all the way up and I always loved her music,” said Beverly McDowell, another fan.

The McDowell family is from Ohio and had planned to visit the Motown Museum before Franklin's death -- making Friday's visit even more special.

"She was an inspiration in so many ways, but socially as well as musically, and that is very important," Johnie McDowell said.