Search is on for men who carjacked 2 women near Texas Medical Center

HOUSTON – Two women, two carjackings within the past week happened at the same complex near the Texas Medical Center.

Both women asked not to be identified.

The most recent carjacking happened this morning at 2111 Holly Hall shortly after 8 a.m. in Southwest Houston.

A woman said she had just walked from her pickup truck to her front door when she was carjacked at an apartment complex near the Texas Medical Center.

The woman gave KPRC a surveillance photo.


She said a man in flip-flops ran toward her and attacked in broad daylight by punching her in the eye and mouth.

The attacker then ran off with her keys.

Police said she followed the man to her gray Ford F-150 and watched him take off in her pickup truck.

Rewind back to last week to Sunday at the same complex, and there was another carjacking that sounds eerily similar.

“I’m just really glad I’m OK,” said the second woman in that case, who did not want to be identified.

The second woman was getting out of her car when three men approached. She said one ran straight toward her and begin to assault her.

“He hit me on the head, placed his hand over my mouth, telling me to be quiet and shut up and forced me on the ground,” the second woman said. “I did not know if they were trying to kidnap me. That was when I wriggled free from my backpack and bolted in the opposite direction.”

She said her car was found, but she’s still not sure it’s in driving condition.

"They told me my car was involved in a gun shooting with the driver and the driver ended up crashing my car nearby," said the second woman.

Police said three men were involved. They have arrested 17-year old Brian Freeman, who is accused of attacking one of the women, stealing her car and leading police on a chase that ended when the car crashed on Scott Street.

Police said it’s too soon to tell if the two cases are related.