Photographer expands perception of beauty and body image


HOUSTON – A local photographer wants to change the narrative of what he captures through his lens.

Jeff Soderstrom decided while it’s nice to photograph pretty models, he wanted to bring more balance and diversity to his work.

Soderstrom started to focus on other subjects, noticing there was so much beauty he could capture from people all across the city, without being drawn into what society considers the “ideal” body image.
That was the birth of an idea he created last year: an event called “The Kitchen Sink Shootout.”

Soderstrom was joined by other photographers who agreed with his new vision to photograph models from all walks of life.

“I was trying to let photographers know we could be doing more,” Soderstrom said.

The event drew in models including those who were plus-sized, transgender, drag queens, cancer survivors and musicians.

 He is so inspired about his new perception of Houston’s beauty that he proudly shares his favorite photographs on his Instagram page.