'The Sandlot' cast gathers to celebrate 25-year anniversary


SALT LAKE CITY – The cast of "The Sandlot" met with generations of fans at the actual sandlot Saturday before an event to celebrate the film's 25-year anniversary. 

The cast took photos with young ballplayers and signed autographs. 

Cast members said they hope to keep the excitement going and want to revisit the ball field in another 25 years. 

They believe there is interest in the film because children who grew up watching the movie are now having children of their own.

"It feels like, every five years, there's a new generation of kids that are picking up the film and you see little Squints and Wendy Peffercorns running around," said Chauncey Leopardi, who played the character Squints.

Grant Gelt, who played Bertram Weeks, said it was powerful to see how people of all ages connect with the movie.

"We met four generations of "Sandlot" fans, all standing in a row together, and that was something special," Gelt said.

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