Woman dies after contracting infection from dog's saliva


MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A deadly infection has been linked to a dog's saliva in Wisconsin. 

Sharon Larson died suddenly at the end of June after their new dog, Bo, nipped her, causing a small cut. 

After she showed severe flu-like symptoms, Sharon's husband Dan took her to the hospital. She died two days later. 

Doctors told him she tested positive for Capnocytophaga, which is a bacteria found in the saliva of most dogs and cats. 

For most of us, it has no effect. But for some, it can be deadly. The people who are typically affected have had their spleen removed, are over 40, have a weakened immune system or have compromised liver function. 

Signs a person has become infected with this particular bacteria include blisters and redness around the bite wound, fever, diarrhea, headache and joint pain. 

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