Serial rapist sentenced to life in prison following latest attack, officials say

Bond is 'every woman's worst nightmare,' ADA says


HOUSTON – A serial rapist will spend the rest of his life in prison, per his sentencing in Harris County on Friday, officials said.

Reginald Bond was most recently convicted of a rape that took place in June 2014, according to the county District Attorney’s Office.

Bond has been tied to seven other rapes in St. Louis and four others in Harris County, officials said.

Jurors learned of those events before they considered his sentence.

Bond had a pattern, officials said.

“He picked out women who lived in large apartment complexes, were home alone, and fell asleep while watching television,” the statement said. “He would sneak in under the cover of darkness with a towel or sheet covering his face, and they’d awaken to him forcing himself on them.”

Bond received his life sentence after a six-day trial.

“I hope that you have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life,” a Houston woman told Bond from the witness stand, according to a news release. “Because justice was served today, I will be able to sleep better tonight.”

Bond moved to Houston in 2013, and told police after his arrest that he moved to the area for a fresh start and new opportunities. The case became a joint investigation by Jersey Village police, Houston police, and St. Louis County police.

“Bond is every woman’s worst nightmare,” assistant district attorney Kristina Roberts said. “He terrorized them in the very places where they should feel the safest.”

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