Constables take step to beef up security at area schools

SPRING, Texas – Harris County Constable Mark Herman met with all the school district chiefs and also the district superintendents in the Precinct 4 area about beefing up security before the start of this school year.

He said they want to help students feel safe to learn.

“All these kids live in the communities that we patrol, and it’s a win-win thing," Herman said.

Herman said Precinct 4 is adding an extra layer of police protection for area students just in time for the start of school.

“With the anxiety that’s pouring over from Santa Fe, we’re getting things over social media about kids that are concerned about going to school this year -- so at Precinct 4, we want to basically do whatever we can to put everyone at ease and to help our ISD police,” Herman said.

Serving 522 square miles and five independent school districts, the office is designating nearly 300 additional patrol deputies to help ISD police departments.

“From working traffic in front of the schools to school zones to actually getting out and walking schools with ISD police officers. There are some schools, of course, there is no way they can cover all the schools, so with Precinct 4 we’re going to cover that void and make sure all of our kids are in a safe environment," Herman said.

Herman said more agencies should work together. This partnership will be a yearlong endeavor.