Woman whose home was searched by mistake demands policy changes from Houston police

HOUSTON – A senior citizen living on the city's northeast side says she was traumatized by officers who recently showed up to her home searching for a suspect but had the wrong place.

68-year-old Emily Barriere says Houston police showed up to her home at a senior living complex back on July 26 after midnight along North Wayside Drive and Ley Road.

She says officers threatened to kicked down the door and she hesitated to let them in, not knowing if they were real officers.

Barriere says after opening the door, nearly a half a dozen officers pointing guns came in searching for a man while they were serving a felony search warrant.

A short time later, Barriere says after those officers searched the place, they realized they had the wrong address for the person they were looking for.

Barriere said the officers told her it was the last known address of a wanted felon. 

According to her family, Barriere has since cried uncontrollably for days, was taken to the hospital several times and is also getting counseling as a result because she no longer feels comfortable in her own home.

"I've been so traumatized I will never ever forget this. Never. Because it upset my whole life," she said.

Deric Muhammad, a community activist, said police "need to renew (their) database. And when you go to someone's home to serve a felony warrant and you know you use military tactics to do so, you must be considerate of those who you are not looking for."

So far, Barriere has not filed a formal complaint.

Besides a public apology, she wants police to have a protocol in place should this happen to someone else to at least get a phone call.

We reached out to the Houston Police Department for comment and they said this was the last known address for the suspect and that he listed it a few months prior.

Police wanted to do the search to strike the address off the list.

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