Was that Oprah spotted in River Oaks on Wednesday?

HOUSTON – Social media was buzzing Wednesday afternoon after shoppers spotted Oprah Winfrey at the River Oaks District.

“What! That’s exciting, I love Oprah,” stated Melanie Singleton, who was shopping.

The queen of talk stopped to shop and was spotted at Stella McCartney. The River Oaks District posted pictures on social media showing Oprah talking with other shoppers before getting into a black SUV.

“I love Oprah, I think she’s an inspiration to everyone. I love what she’s done with the OWN Network,” said Singleton.

Singleton missed the Oprah sighting, but she’s actually met her before.

On her 2010 Oprah’s Angel Network Finale, Winfrey surprised six charter schools with $1 million.

“I used to be a principal and my school was chosen among six others in the nation,” explained Singleton, who used to work at Yes Prep. “She gave us a million dollars, we were her Final Angel Network gift, so I know what it means to be blessed by Oprah. So I think if she can bless the city too, that would be fantastic.”

No one knows why Oprah was in town, or if she’s still here, but social media enjoyed learning she stopped in H-Town.

“It’s great to hear that she was here,” said Singleton. “Oprah, if you want to stop by, let’s have coffee together.”