Spencer Solves It: Disabled couple struggling after Harvey get moving help from Bill's Brigade

HOUSTON – Ilissa Hoffauir, 41, cooked up a batch of scrambled eggs for her disabled husband Bobby.

It would have to serve as dinner, because the Hoffauirs can’t afford anything else.

After paying their monthly rent, buying their medications and buying what little food they can afford, the Hoffauirs are completely broke.

“I have $5 left. That’s it. That is what I have,” said Ilissa, as she stirred the runny eggs in the pan.

You see, Ilissa and Bobby lost just about everything when Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters wiped out their last apartment.

“The water just kept rising and destroying everything. I lost all my clothes. All I had left was the clothes on my back,” Ilissa said.

Even worse, Ilissa, has a rare digestive disease and Bobby had a massive stroke a month before the flood.

Ever since Harvey, which was almost a year ago, Ilissa and Bobby have been living solely on the money from Ilissa’s disability checks from the government.

Bobby, a Navy veteran who last held a job as an electrical worker building signal boxes for stoplights, has been unable to get a job since he had a stroke.

“It has literally changed my life. I am not half the man I used to be and that is heartbreaking for me to live with,” said Bobby.

Through all the challenges, the worst, most desperate news the Hoffauirs got came last month, when they found out their rent was going way up.

Unable to pay it, they quickly found a much cheaper apartment to rent, but they had absolutely no way to move their meager belongings.

“I really thought we were going to be homeless, living it out on the street with nothing,” Bobby said.

That’s when they contacted Spencer Solves It.

And boom, just like that, we jumped into action and began searching for a moving company to step forward and help this struggling couple.

Right away, in less than three hours, the great people at 3 Men Movers, a Houston-based moving company, agreed to help Bobby and Ilissa.

The packing and the lifting and the heavy work began and, within a few hours, the team at 3 Men Movers had wrapped and packed every piece of the Hoffauirs' small collection of belongings.

The work was hot and sweaty and the humid weather made it worse, but less than a day after Ilissa first called for help, she and Bobby were in their new place, ready to start a new life with a lower monthly rent and, hopefully, a brighter future.

If you need help with a problem you can’t possibly solve by yourself, contact Spencer Solves It at 713-223-TIPS (8477) or email us at solvesit@click2houston.com.